One of the parts I love most about my job is educating people. I started the Practical Estate Planning blog to do just that – educate. One thing I have learned in my time as an estate planning attorney is that many people misunderstand even the most basic aspects of estate planning. Misunderstandings that can lead to unintended results and challenges for themselves and their families. My hope is that, over time, my readers will begin to understand the basic building blocks of estate planning so they can develop a sense of what kind of estate plan might be good for them and, ultimately, their friends and families. 

As you read, it is important to note that nothing on this blog is intended to serve as legal advice or form an attorney-client relationship. Practical Estate Planning is intended to be for informational and educational purposes only. It is always best to consult a licensed attorney about anything pertaining to your unique set of circumstances. 

Welcome to Practical Estate Planning and thanks for reading!